Select the four primary traits of the value of data.

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Which of the following represents the four primary traits that help determine the value of information?a.) Information timeliness, information quality, information quantity, and information governance policyb.) Information statistics, information tracking, information quantity, and information governancec.) Information type, information timeliness, information quality, and information governanced.) Information type, information chance, information analytics, and information policy



c.) Information type, information timeliness, information quality, and information governance


  • All these above help determine the value of information and the content of information, as the information needs to be of high quality which is accurate, complete and  consistency along with unique, and has timeliness,
  • The information needs to be correctly and accurately monitored ad precisely defined and which depends on the type of information, it has to be in a given time frame with some reference attached to it, it has to be unique in terms of quality and has to be governed and protected by law.

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