What is the formula for the volume of a cylinder

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The formula for the volume V of a cylinder is V = πr2h, where r is the radius of the base and h is the height of the cylinder. Solve the formula for h.

Choose the correct formula.
A. h=Vπr2
B. h=Vπr2
C. h=Vr2π
D. h=Vπr2
Part B
Find the height of a cylinder with a volume of 36π cm3 and a base with a radius of 3 cm.
h = __ cm



Part A) h=V/(\pi r^{2})

Part B) h=4\ cm

Step-by-step explanation:

Part A)

we have the formula of the volume of a cylinder

V=\pi r^{2}h

Solve for h

That means ----> isolate the variable h

Divide both side by πr²

V/(\pi r^{2})=\pi r^{2}h/(\pi r^{2})


V/(\pi r^{2})=h


h=V/(\pi r^{2})

Part B) Find the height of a cylinder with a volume of 36π cm3 and a base with a radius of 3 cm

we have

V=36\pi\ cm^3

r=3\ cm

substitute in the formula and solve for h

h=36\pi/(\pi 3^{2})

h=4\ cm

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