Explain how specificity plays a role in high performance sports

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Explain how specificity plays a role in high-performance sports.


Specificity is the link between training and performance in high-level sports.

What is specificity?

In the early stages of training, people work for general fitness. But in the later stages, people need a different kind of training in accordance with the kind of sport they are playing.

Specificity means training according to a specific programme, selecting exercises, and taking proper rest in between. Volume and intensity need to be tailored as well.

The principle of specificity states that "exercises closely resembling the movement or intensity of the skill trying to be improved should be performed during training."

For example, a basketball player needs to train for high volumes of jumps to be able to score.

Therefore, specificity plays an important role in high performance sports because the athletes training will be trained for a particular set or exercise and can display the same skill or movement during their game.

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