The elbow is considered a third class lever because __________.

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he elbow is considered a third class lever because __________. A. the effort is applied further from the fulcrum than the load B. the effort is applied closer to the fulcrum than the load C. the fulcrum is in the center of the lever D. the elbow is used to lift objects



The elbow is considered a third class lever because the effort is applied closer to the fulcrum than the load.


On a third class lever the power exercised is between the point of support and the resistance.

The elbow is the joint between the arm and forearm, similar to a clamp, performing predominantly flexion and extension movements.

The elbow joint is considered a lever of this type as:

  • It has its point of support in the joint itself,
  • Resistance is given by the weight of the objects that are lifted by the hand and,
  • Between both is the potency generated by the arm and forearm muscles.

In this case, the elbow is characterized because the effort is closer to the fulcrum - the elbow or point of support - than to the load.

- The effort is applied further from the fulcrum than the load and the fulcrum is in the center of the lever correspond to other types of leverage.

- The elbow is used to lift objects, is a general function of the upper limb.

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