Which of the following did the civil rights act accomplish

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Which of the following did the Civil Rights Act accomplish? It ended public segregation. It ended poll taxes. It ended voter literacy tests. It ended gender discrimination.


The Civil Rights Act ended public segregation.

Further Explanations:

Reconstruction era in the United States continually debated for the rights of black citizens and granted citizenship to blacks was granted during 1869. It assaulted the Black code of 1865 directly that was prohibiting Civil rights and Civil liberties of African Americans. It also attempted to socialize ex-slaves to their foregoing condition.  

The civil Right act was implemented in the year 1964 in order to outlaw the discrimination that was persisting in the society during that era. The act proved itself landmark as it prohibited racial segregation, in school and public services, voter registration requirement for black citizens, and unequal economic distribution.  

Though the authority granted to enforce the law was too weak but Congress asserted its authority to legislate in several parts of the constitution, especially the power to supervise interstate trade, safeguard voting Rights as per the 15th Amendment and guarantee protection to inhabitants as per 14th Amendment.

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