You hear: pido bistec con papas fritas. you select: present

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You hear: pido bistec con papas fritas. you select: present


This question is incomplete. Here is the complete question:


Listen to each sentence and decide whether the verb is in the present or the preterite tense.

You hear: Pido bistec con papas fritas.

You select: present.


Since this is an exercise in listening comprehension, I cannot solve it without the audio. But I can give you an explanation so that when you hear it you can solve it yourself.

In this audio you must recognize whether the sentence is in the present or in the past tense.


This tense is used to show an action that is happens now, a routine, or something habitual.

Examples of Spanish verbs are as follows:

Amar, Temer, Partir

According to their termination, regular verbs are conjugated as follows for the present simple:


yo (I) -o  ----- Yo Amo

tú (You) -as  ------ Tú Amas

el, ella, usted (he, she, you formal) -a   ----- Él Ama

nosotros, nosotras (we) -amos  ---- Nosotros Amamos

vosotros, vosotras (you all) -áis  ---- Vosotros Amáis.

ellos, ellas, (they) ustedes (you all formal) -an ---- Ellos Aman


yo (I) -o  -------Yo Temo

tú (You) -es ----- Tú temes

el, ella, usted (he, she, you formal) -e  ---- Ella teme

nosotros, nosotras (we) -emos  ---- Nosotros Tememos

vosotros, vosotras (you all) -éis  ----- Vosotros Teméis

ellos, ellas, (they) ustedes (you all formal) -en ---- Ellos temen


yo (I) -o  ---- Yo parto

tú (You) -es  ----- Tú partes

el, ella, usted (he, she, you formal) -e ---- Usted Parte

nosotros, nosotras (we) -imos  ---- Nosotros Partimos

vosotros, vosotras (you all) -ís  ----- Vosotros Partís

ellos, ellas, (they) ustedes (you all formal) -en ---- Ellas Parten


We use the past to demonstrate things that began and ended at a specific time in the past.

Using the verbs above, we conjugate the perfect preterite as follows:


yo (I) -é ----- Yo amé

tú (You) -aste  ---- Tú Amaste

el, ella, usted (he, she, you formal) -ó ---- Él amó

nosotros, nosotras (we) -amos  --- Nosotros Amamos

vosotros, vosotras (you all) -asteis  ---- Vosotros amasteis

ellos, ellas, (they) ustedes (you all formal) -aron  ---  Ellos amaron


yo (I) -í  ---- Yo temí

tú (You) -iste  ---- Tú temiste

el, ella, usted (he, she, you formal) -ió  ---- Ella temió

nosotros, nosotras (we) -imos  --- Nosotros temimos

vosotros, vosotras (you all) -isteis  ---- Vosotros Temisteis

ellos, ellas, (they) ustedes (you all formal) -ieron  --- Ellos temieron


yo (I) -í  ---- Yo partí

tú (You) -iste  ---- Tú partiste

el, ella, usted (he, she, you formal) -ió  -- Usted Partió

nosotros, nosotras (we) -imos  --- Nosotras partimos

vosotros, vosotras (you all) -isteis  ---- Vosotras partisteis

ellos, ellas, (they) ustedes (you all formal) -ieron --- Ellas partieron

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