Which is a type of contamination in a food establishment

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Which is not a type of contamination in a food establishment?

A) BiologicalB) EnvironmentalC) Chemical D) Physical​


The correct answer is B. Environmental.


Food contamination is a term that refers to the action in which food is exposed to a contaminant or dangerous substance that is capable of producing a negative effect on the health of the consumer.

To study food contamination, three main categories have been established are physical, which refers to all kinds of foreign objects that can contaminate food and can cause injuries or choking to the consumer such as bones, crystals, or others. The second category is chemicals, which refers to all kinds of toxic substances that can contaminate food such as cleaning products, poison, or others. The third category is biological, which refers to contamination caused by contact with living beings such as insects, rodents, birds, microorganisms, among others.

According to the above, the correct answer is B. "Environmental" because this is not a category to study food contaminants.

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