A 25 year old unrestrained female struck the steering wheel

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A 25-year-old unrestrained female struck the steering wheel with her chest when her car hit a tree while traveling at a high rate of speed. She has signs and symptoms of shock, which you suspect are the result of intrathoracic bleeding. Which of the following interventions will provide this patient with the greatest chance for survival


Rapid transport to trauma center will provide this patient with the greatest chance for survival and not let her go into an extreme shock.

why does people go in shock while being in an accident ?

Blood pressure falls as a result of the blood vessels dilating and relaxing below the spinal damage. Septic - an infection causes blood vessels to expand, lowering blood pressure. For instance, septic shock might be brought on by an E. coli infection.

what is intrathoracic bleeding ?

In both blunt and penetrating trauma, intrathoracic bleeding most usually presents as hemothorax, and a severe hemothorax can lead in hypotension and hemodynamic shock.

Learn more about patients going into shock here:-



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