Crossing over prevents homologous chromosomes from separating during meiosis i.

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Crossing over prevents homologous chromosomes from separating during meiosis i. true or false?


Crossing over does not prevent homologous chromosomes from separating during meiosis, hence, the statement is false.


  • Crossing over is the process whereby non-sister chromatids of homologous chromosomes exchange their genetic materials.

  • Crossing over occurs specifically during the prophase I stage of meiosis I. Via this process, genetic diversity is likely to occur in the daughter cells.

  • Crossing over only assures that genes of homologous chromosomes are recombined, it does not stop them from separating in the Anaphase stage.

  • Therefore, crossing over does not prevent homologous chromosomes from separating during meiosis, hence, the statement is false.

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