To reduce pathogens to a safe level in tcs food

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To reduce pathogen to a safe level in TCS food you should


Cold foods are kept below 41 °F

Hot foods are kept above 135 °F

Move foods rapidly through the temperature danger zone

Time and Temperature Control for Safety, also known as TCS is a food safety strategy meant to prevent food-borne ailments within the house.

Bacteria in food cannot be completely eliminated neither can bacteria be completely eliminated from the kitchen where food is prepared, however, making use TCS protocols will take advantage of what is known about pathogens to prevent the prevalence of levels of such pathogens which are a health risk

In order to keep the pathogens at safe levels, the TCS protocols are to avoid keeping food within the temperature danger zone which are temperatures between 41 °F to 135 °F by ensuring;

Cold foods are kept below 41 °F, and hot foods are kept above 135 °F, foods are moved rapidly through the temperature danger zone

Lear more about TCS and food storage here;

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