The web development team is having difficulty connecting by ssh

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The web development team is having difficulty connecting by ssh to your local web server, and you notice the proper rule is missing from the firewall. What port number would you open on your webserver?

a. Port 21
b. Port 22
c .Port 25
d. Port 80
e. Port 443


The port number would you open on your webserver is Port 22

For better understanding let's explain SSH means.

  • Service Name and Transport Protocol Port Number Registry. where the service name is Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol and it has the port number of 22 therefore this mean that SSH will only work with port 22 using it for other port will only result in difficulty in connection.
  • SSH has other names like Secure Shell or Secure Socket Shell. it is known as a network protocol that helps its users with system administrator.

From the above we can therefore say that the answer The port number would you open on your webserver is Port 22, is correct

Learn more about SSH and port from:

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