Why do lunar and solar eclipses not happen every month

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Why do lunar and solar eclipses not happen every month?

Eclipses only occur during full and new moons.
Earth rotates around its axis faster than the moon.
The moon and Earth only travel through the penumbras.
The moon’s axis does not always align with Earth’s shadow.


The reason why lunar and solar eclipses do not happen every month is because: D. The moon’s axis does not always align with Earth’s shadow.

An eclipse is simply an astronomical phenomenon (event) that usually takes place when a celestial body such as a Moon in space moves in between the Sun and another celestial body such as planet Earth, usually causing the total or partial blockage or obscuration of light to the celestial body.

Based on space exploration and science, there are two (2) main types of eclipse;

I. Lunar eclipse: it is an astronomical phenomenon (event) that occurs when planet Earth gets between the Moon and the Sun, thereby causing it to cover or obscure the Moon with its shadow.

II. Solar eclipse: this is an astronomical phenomenon (event) that typically occurs when the Sun is obscured or blocked by the Moon, thereby engulfing a portion of planet Earth.

However, these astronomical phenomenon (lunar and solar eclipses) do not happen every month because the axis of the Moon is tilted five (5) degrees and as such doesn't always align with Earth’s shadow.

In conclusion, without this tilt of the Moon from Earth's orbit around the Sun, lunar and solar eclipses would happen every month.

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