Which problem would be best addressed by a retail bank

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Which problem would be best addressed by a retail bank?

A. A corporation needs help with cash management for it's large staff.
B. An entrepreneur financing to build a new office for her tech company.
C. A person with poor credit history needs a short-term loan to pay a medical bill.
D. A couple needs to get a mortgage loan to buy a home after moving to a new city.



The correct option is;

D. A couple needs to get a mortgage loan to buy a home after moving to a new city


A retail bank is the banking service sector meant for banking and other financial service provisions to customers who are individual consumers rather than larger institutions or businesses

Retail banking provides the means by which individuals that make use of the banking services to look after their savings, obtain credit, and make deposits securely

A retail bank also provides personal loans, certificate of deposit, credit cards, savings and checking accounts and mortgages

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