Identifica la palabra que no está relacionada con cada grupo.

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Identifica la palabra que no está relacionada con cada grupo.



5 - agua mineral

6 - camarero

7 - pollo

8 - queso

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Which units can be used to measure length or distance

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The correct order would be sensory, short term, long term.

What reasons in this passage support using genetically modified foods

Reasons the passage supports genetically modified foods are:Genetic modifications has been in existence for a long while now.Countable number of foods have been genetically modified …

Which of the following demonstrates a leaders commitment to duty

A leader is bound to perform many duties. All the options mentioned above demonstrate a leader's commitment to the duties that a leader performs. What …

When must the cleaning step occur in a three-compartment sink

Answer:Sanitizing all items is in the third sink, the third step.Explanation:A 3-compartment sink is used as a better method to clean, it can be distributed …

In what circumstances would a property insurance claim be rejected

Answer:A) The insurance company finds that a homeowner intentionally caused damage. Step-by-step explanation:The insurance company cannot change the policy terms once we signed the policy.If …

Which characteristic do samples of the mineral pyroxene normally exhibit

Samples of the mineral pyroxene normally exhibit HARDNESS OF 5 TO 6.Pyroxenes are a group of rock forming minerals, which are found in both igneous …

What is one way that consumer-advocacy groups help protect consumers

Consumer-advocacy groups provide product information and advice to help consumers protect themselves. It refers to actions taken by individuals or groups to promote and protect …

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What property of water gives it a strong surface tension

Water is polar therefore the water molecules stick together (hydrogen bonding) and that is what causes the surface tension.

Who paid the largest criminal fine in hostory and why

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A. Public Bill has the member of congress introduced.What does a public bill mean?A public bill is a congressional or parliamentary bill concerning the general …

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All the reactions given are single displacement reactions and can only occur if the metal is more reactive than the metal in the salt. In …