What happens when a population is in hardy weinberg equilibrium

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What happens when a population is in Hardy- Weinberg equilibrium?

A. The phenotype frequency does not change
B. The gene pool gets smaller in each generation
C. The are equal amounts of immigration and emigration
D. The alleles mutate in every generation



A. The phenotype frequency does not change


Hardy-Weinberg law says when there is no migration, mutation, or selection allele and genotype frequency remains constant.

Example: A population in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium

This population has 2 alleles (A and a) at a locus p and q  with a frequency of p2, 2pq and q2.  The allele frequency and genotype of this population will remain unchanged because they are in equilibrium.

Conditions guiding the assumptions include,

  • there must be an absence of migration, selection, and mutation
  • the population must be Random
  • the population must be large

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