What is the difference between a conductor and an insulator

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What is the difference between a conductor and an insulator?

A) An insulator allows electricity to flow through it easily and a conductor does not
B) A conductor allows electricity to flow through it easily and an insulator does not.
C) An insulator is magnetic and a conductor is not
D) A conductor is magnetic and an insulator is not


The difference between a conductor and an insulator is  a conductor allows electricity to flow through it easily and an insulator does not.

What is conductor?

  • A conductor is a material that conducts electricity. Most metals are good conductors.
  • The best conductors are single element materials such as copper(Cu), silver(Ag), gold(Au), which are characterized by atoms with only one valence electron very loosely bound to the atom.

What is an insulator?

  • A material that does not easily transmit energy such as electric current or heat is called insulators.
  • All materials contain electrons. The electrons in insulators like rubber are not free to move. They are tightly bound inside atoms.

Hence, we can conclude that option B is the correct answer.

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