The function of the hepatic portal circulation is to ________.

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The function of the hepatic portal circulation is to ________. The function of the hepatic portal circulation is to ________. return glucose to the general circulation when blood sugar is low carry toxins to the kidney for disposal through the urinary tract distribute hormones throughout the body collect absorbed nutrients for metabolic processing in the liver



The correct answer is ''collect absorbed nutrients for metabolic processing in the liver.''


Portal circulation is called that system that is between two large capillary beds, represented by the gastrointestinal organs, pancreas and spleen on the one hand, and the liver on the other. Hence, any venous system of the organism that is located between two capillary territories is called "portal system".The hepatic portal vein collects the deoxygenated blood from the gastrointestinal system, spleen and pancreas, this blood is venous and comes deoxygenated, in addition to being loaded with the nutrients absorbed in the digestive process, so it is a blood subjected to a high overload, but that quickly, thanks to its distribution through the liver, it will be bypassed to various chemical processes to extract a large part of the nutrients from it, and purify and eliminate toxins.

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