Transcription and translation of an mrna molecule occur simultaneously in

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A researcher observes that a ribosome attached to an mRNA molecule as it is being produced, allowing for the processes of transcription and translation to occur simultaneously in a cell. In what cell type is the researcher likely making this observation?


This cell is most likely of a prokaryotic cell. They are the most primitive cells on earth’s life before the evolution of eukaryotes cells.


This phenomenon occurs in cells with no delimitation between the nucleus region and cytoplasm. Cells like those of bacteria have no nuclear membrane (unlike eukaryotic cells) hence ribosomes in the cytoplasm have access to the mRNA as it is being transcribed. It is also favored by the fact that their DNA has no introns (non-coding regions).

In eukaryotic cells, nascent mRNA has to be spliced to remove the noncoding regions before being translated into proteins. This is one of the reasons why it is necessary that the nucleus is delimited by a nuclear membrane from the cytoplasm in eukaryotic cells.

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