What is the difference between a community and a population

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What is the difference between a community and a population?

A community has only one organism, while a population has many organisms.
A population has only one ecosystem, while a community has many ecosystems.
A community has only one biome, while a population has many biomes.
A population has only one species, while a community has many species.


Difference between a community and a population is population has only one species, while a community has many species living in a geographical area.

What is a geographical area ?

Geographical Area means an area covering all or part of the territory of a Member State or extending to all or part of the territory of other Member States. It's an area of land that can be considered as a unit for the purposes of some geographical classification. The plain of the Ganges is one of the most significant geographical areas in India. Geographic location refers to a position on the Earth. Your absolute geographic location is defined by two coordinates, longitude and latitude. These two coordinates can be used to give specific locations independent of an outside reference point.

Therefore, last option is the correct answer.

To learn more about geographical area, refer here :



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