The direction of synthesis of an rna transcript is _____.

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A template strand of dna is read in the _____ direction in order to direct synthesis of rna in the _____ direction. 3'–5'; 3'–5' 3'–5'; 5'–3' 5'–3'; 5'–3' 5'–3'; 3'–5'


The correct answer is 3'–5'; 5'–3.

During trancription (process of formation of the mRNA from the DNA), the template strand or the non coding strand, which is present in the direction of the 3'-5' is read. This strand is read because the RNA polymerase (enzyme used for the synthesis of the mRNA) can only synthesis the mRNA in 5'-3' direction. So, the synthesized mRNA is present in 5'-3' direction.

Hence, the first blank can be filled with 3'–5' and the second blank caan be filled with 5'–3.

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