What is the difference between food chains and food webs

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What is the difference between food chains and food webs?

Food webs show a single path of energy in an ecosystem, and food chains show all the overlapping food chains in that
Food chains show a single path of energy in an ecosystem, and food webs show all the overlapping food chains in that
Food webs show the path of energy in an ecosystem, and food chains show the path of nutrients in that ecosystem.
Food chains show the path of energy in an ecosystem, and food webs show the path of nutrients in that ecosystem.


The correct answer as to the difference between food chains and food webs is that food chains show a single path of energy in an ecosystem, and food webs show all the overlapping food chains in that  ecosystem.

A food chain is a sequence showing the nutritional dependence of one organism over the other in an ecosystem. In order words, it refers to a linear and sequential nutritional relationship between different organisms in an ecosystem. For example, the insects in an ecosystem feed on grasses, frogs feed on the insects, snakes feed on the frogs, while birds pick on snakes for their food in the same ecosystem. Thus, the food chain becomes:

grasses ---> insects ---> frogs ---> snakes ---> birds.

A food web, on the other hand, consists of series of food chains overlapping with one another in the same ecosystem.

Therefore, the main differences between the food chain and the food web include:

  • The food chain shows a single linear and sequential nutritional relationship between living organisms in an ecosystem in which one organism feed on the other.
  • The food web consists of multiple overlapping food chains in which one organism can be eaten by more than one organism within the same ecosystem.

More on the food chain and the food web can be found here: brainly.com/question/1250020

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