How does king develop a quick sharp and casual style

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How does King develop a quick, sharp, and

casual style? Check the five best choices.
by using long, sentimental descriptions
O by using slang words
O by using very few adjectives
by using colorful expressions
© by using no jargon or academic language
O by using very few verbs
O by using many short, common words



The five correct choices are:

1. Using slang words .

  • Slang words may be informal but they help you communicate with the young generation.

2. Reduced usage of adjectives .

  • Limiting the use of adjectives enable the writer to deliver the points unbiased.

3. Including colorful expressions .

  • This makes the tone cheerful.

4. Not using jargon or academic language .

  • Using jargons means that some people won't be able to get those words. Therefore, they won't understand your complete message.

5. Usage of short, common words.

  • This ensures that every person in audience will be able to get your message.

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