The most common example of a connection-oriented protocol is _____

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The most common example of a connection-oriented protocol is





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Why is gatsby's love for daisy described in religious terms

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In diabetes target cells do not respond normally to insulin

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What is the falling action of the most dangerous game

Answer:Explanation:the falling action begins after Rainsford jumps off the cliff in hopes of survival. After landing, he swims back to the cha teau where Zaroff …

An inherited trait that increases an organism's chance of survival

Adaptation, inherited traits that increase an organism's chance of survival, also determine an organism's niche. Adaptations are features or behaviors exhibited by organisms and are …

Transcription is the process of copying a gene to create

Complete the sentences.Transcription is the process of making the RNA copy of the gene. It is called the messenger RNA and molecules leave the cell …

What must occur in a population for it to grow

Answer: reproductionExplanation:

The synthesis of ch3oh from co and h2 is represented

Answer: Option (b) is the correct answer.Explanation:In a chemical reaction, the bonds between the reactant molecules tend to break leading to the formation of new …

Look at the graph examines the market for graphic t-shirts

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Rio Treaty of 1947 was a defense agreement between the North America and South America.What is the Rio Treaty 1947?The treaty was essentially an agreement …

How can a liquid be drawn into a pipette safely

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The best measurement would be D. Metres.

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Meter refers to the grouping of strong and weak beats.The eighth notes is the note value in which the rhythm syllables ta ki da representHarmony …