What to do with an old piano no one wants

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In the excerpt from the article "Those Old Piano Blues," how does the author mainly organize his ideas?

He lists the benefits of owning a piano by referencing a magazine article
about musical instruments
He supports people learning to play the piano with stories from students
who enjoy the instrument
He argues against getting rid of old pianos by explaining how important
they once were
He discusses the trends in piano ownership by describing his experience of
trying to get rid of an old one


Based on the excerpt from the article "Those Old Piano Blues,", the author mainly organize his ideas by:

  • A)   He lists the benefits of owning a piano by referencing a magazine article  about musical instruments

According to the complete text, we can see that the author writes about musical instruments and how important they are to a lover of music.

As a result of this, there is an orderly arrangement of the author's ideas as he shows the various benefits of owning a piano through making a reference to a magazine article.

Therefore, the correct answer is option A

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