Ayer marta le 1 of 1 un reloj a pablo.

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1. Ayer Marta le ____ un reloj a Pablo.

2. En el verano, a todos les gusta comer _____ .
3. Después de ser _____ por un año, Juana y Armando decidieron comprometerse.
4. ¿A qué hora van a llegar los _____ a la fiesta del sábado?
5 .Pablo y María se comprometieron antes de _____ .
6. Gabriela no sabe que le vamos a dar una fiesta de _____ para su cumpleaños.
7. Nosotros los _____ de vacaciones en Miami.


1-Ayer Marta le REGALÓ un reloj a Pablo
Gabriela no sabe que le vamos a dar una fiesta de SORPRESA para su cumpleaños
Nosotros lo PASAMOS BIEN de vacaciones en Miami. 
 Pablo y María se comprometieron antes de CASARSE.
¿A qué hora van a llegar los INVITADOS a la fiesta del sábado

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The answer is a). it was the only successful slave revolt in history

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The value of each digit in a number is known as the place value. The given number 8 ten thousand 4 thousand 3 hundred 6 …

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Advancements in technology led to what new theater of battle

Answer:A: The air, with dogfights between planesExplanation:Dogfights are the names of aerial battles that are fought between fighters aircraft at close range. They started in …

1 inch of snow is equivalent to how much rain

Since "s / 10" gives "r", "r" could be replaced by 0.1s. This would result in "f(s) = 0.1s" as a function linking the two. …

Which of the following is an advantage of primary data

The main advantage of primary data is that a.They are more relevant than secondary data.Primary Data This is data that is collected first hand by …

Show how to make a ten to find 12 4

Making a ten is an arithmetic evaluation strategy where students first find a way to obtain 10 from an expression before proceeding to the remainder. …

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What makes a dominant allele different from a recessive allele

Answer: The correct answer is- B) The dominant allele determines the trait.Allele can be described as an alternative form of a gene. It exists in …

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The domain and range for the given graph are "domain: [0, ∞) range: [-1, ∞)".So, option B is correct.What are the Domain and Range of …

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I believe that it would be 900 yards

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