What is the difference between a compound and a mixture

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What is the difference between a mixture and compound?

A. A mixture is a liquid and a compound is a solid.
B. A mixture is made of two or more elements and a compound is made of just one element.
C. A compound is made of two or more different types of molecules, and a mixture is made of just one type of molecule.
D. A mixture is made of two or more different types of molecules, and a compound is made of just one type of molecule.


D. A mixture is made of two or more different types of molecules, and a compound is made of just one type of molecule.

When we talk about a mixture we think of two or more substances which are not chemically combined together and can be separated by means of physical methods. Milk is a mixture, blood is a mixture, etc. A mixture is composed of molecules of different substances.

A compound is made up of two or more atoms which are chemically combined together. Components of a compound can not be easily separated. A compound is composed of molecules of only one type.


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