What is the role of dna polymerase in dna replication

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What is the role of the DNA polymerase in DNA replication


The process of the central dogma replicates and translates the genetic information into the proteins required for cell signalling and functioning. DNA replicates to produce identical semi-conservative copies of the parental strand.

DNA polymerase produces the daughter strand bases from the parental strand.

What is polymerase?

  • DNA polymerase (DNAP) is essential for producing the new copies of nucleotide bases of the daughter strand from the parental sequences.

  • It helps in the replication process to copy and generate the identical and semi-conservative copies of the strand.

  • They along with formation also take part in the proofreading and repair process of the incorrectly placed nucleotide in the new strands.

Therefore, DNA polymerase forms, proofreads and repairs the new daughter strands.

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