Which eoc configuration allows personnel to function in the eoc

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9. Which EOC configuration allows personnel to function in the EOC with minimal preparation or startup time? A. Incident Support Model (ISM) structure B. Strategic Joint Command Structure C. Departmental Structure D. ICS or ICS-like EOC structure


Departmental Structure allows personnel to function in the EOC with minimal preparation or startup time.


NIMS provides three types of organisational structure based on the needs. EOCs can differ based on the resources, authorities and mission. The directors of EOCs can be either increased or decreased based on the number of personnel and the needs of incidents.

There are many incidents in which a function requires many personnels for performing and some others that reuires only one personnel to perform different functions. The Departmental Structure configured with EOC helps the personnel to work with EOC with a reduced setup time and with preparation which is minimum.

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