Listen to each question and choose the most logical response.

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1 - escoger audio listen to each question and choose the most logical response. Comprarlo






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  1. Listen to each question and choose the most logical response
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Widespread anti chinese sentiment in the late 1800s resulted in

Anti-Chinese sentiment in the late-1800s resulted in Chinese Exclusion act 1882. Further Explanation:- During the period of 1820 to 1840, there were only 11 Chinese …

How did stalin use propaganda to control his people apex

Answer:C. He forced artists to remove his enemies from pictures.Explanation:It is well known that in Photographs and Paintings, Stalin would "erase", People in his regime …

Which is located at the water source for a river

Headwater is located at the water source for a river. Thus, the correct option is A. What is the headwater of a river?The headwater of …

What is the mass of 4.91 x 1021 platinum atoms

To calculate the mass, go from atoms to moles and moles to grams: Atoms ........ Moles.......... Grams From atoms to moles, use the Avogadro’s no. …

Discharging a resident requires an interdisciplinary approach true or false

Answer:true Explanation:an interdisciplinary approach to resident care. is vital.

Why are halogens and alkali metals likely to form ions

Answer:To achieve the stable noble gas configurationExplanation:According to the octet rule, chemical elements tend to bond in order to complete their valence shell and attain …

Which of the following was common in many african-american churches

Answer:The correct answer is "D".Explanation:The way in which services have been done in African-American churches has changed over time. It is known that after the …

Most men in the american indian cultures of the northeast

Cwomen took care of the farming and care of people

Parental pressure for children to excel may be related to:

Answer:Explanation: Maturation and culture

What inspired joseph mallord william turner to paint slave ship

He was inspired to paint the slave ship after the publishing of the book named the history of abolishment of slave trade. It was a …

Which letter indicates the activation energy of the reverse reaction

Answer: The correct answer is Option 4: UExplanation:Activation energy is defined as the energy that is given to a chemical system with potential reactants to …

Which of the following sentence is written in active voice

Answer:C. The chairman told me that the legislature passed the bill. Explanation:The name of voice is given to the form assumed by the verb to …

Link ac is made of a steel with a 65-ksi

Answer:A_ab = 0.206 in^2Explanation:Given:- ultimate normal stress T = 65 ksi- factor of safety FS = 2.45Find:- Determine the cross-sectional area of AB Solution:- Compute …

A medical alert bracelet might indicate that a customer tabc

A medic alert bracelet might indicate that a customer needs immediate attention because the wearer has an important medical condition Further explanation A medical identification …