Calculate the ratio of effusion rates for 235u and 238u.

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Calculate the ratio of effusion rates for 238uf6 and 235uf6. the atomic mass of u-235 is 235.054 amu and that of u-238 is 238.051 amu.


Below is the answer. I hope it helps. 

rate 1 / rate 2 = square root of M2/M1 

rate 238UF6 / 235UF6 = square root of [(Mass 235UF6) / (Mass 238UF6)] 

rate 238UF6 / 235UF6 = square root of [(349.044) / (352.041)] 

rate 238UF6 / 235UF6 = square root of [0.9914868] 

Your answer: rate 238UF6 / 235UF6 = 0.9957343 

rate 235UF6 / 238UF6 = square root of [(352.041) / 349.044) ] 

rate 235UF6 / 238UF6 = square root of [1.008586] 

other answer: rate 235UF6 / 238UF6 = 1.004284 

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