The word ________ is both a morpheme and a phoneme.

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The word ________ is both a morpheme and a phoneme.



pretty sure it's "I"

I think

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How does stoichiometry support the law of conservation of mass

The stoichiometry supports the law of conservation of mass by comparing the mass of the products to the mass of the reactants.What is stoichiometry?Stoichiometry is …

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Answer: The most appropriate answer would be option C. Nonrenewable resources are the natural resources which are present in a limited amount on the planet. …

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A mass of 1.5 kg of air at 120 kpa

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What do translators try to balance in an ideal translation

Answer:D. Readability and accuracyStep-by-step explanation:We are required to find,The things which the translators try to balance in an ideal situation.Now, as we know,Translators have to …

Gas exchange between the blood and tissue cells is called

Answer:B. capillaries. Explanation:The gas exchange mechanism that occurs in the pulmonary alveoli. This process is essential to ensure the transport of oxygen through tissues and …

Which of the following statements regarding down syndrome is true

E. All of the above are false. In most cases, individuals with down syndrome have 47 chromosomes, with three copies of chromosomes 21.

Which of these is a banking activity of the fed

A banking activity of the federal government would be C) storing money for the banks. The U.S. Government uses something's they call "Tax accounts" as …

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What describes how the pacing of events heightens tension is when B. group of friends must finish painting the stars while Terry waits downstairs with …

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Answer: Allows rotational movement ----> Pivot joint Allows no movement ----->suture jointAllows side to side movement -----> gliding jointAllows back and forth movement ----> hinge …

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Jay gatsby said he fell in love with daisy in chapter 8 in the novel

A good example of the culture theory of prejudice is

The correct answer for this question would be option B. ALL OF THESE ARE CORRECT. The examples of the culture theory of prejudice would be …

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