This fluid may be mixed with engine oil for recycling.

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This fluid may be mixed with engine oil for recycling.

A) Transmission oilB) Hydraulic fluidC) Synthetic oilD) All of the above


'Engine oil' is described as the 'oil comprising of a number of oils as the base along with certain additives that assists in greasing or oiling the inner ignition to the engine of the vehicle.'

The fluids that can be combined along with the engine oil for the recycling purpose would include:

D). All of the above.

  • As we know, the engine oil functions primarily to lubricate or moisturize the engine.
  • While transmission oil performs two functions i.e. 'lubricating the engine along with allowing smooth switching of gears. The hydraulic fluid also performs the same function of keeping the engine parts and their movements smooth.
  • 'Synthetic oil' can also be employed to produce 'synthetic blend engine oil.' It will be available at a cheaper price with some decreased benefits.

Thus, 'all the given oils' can be mixed with the engine oil in order to recycle it effectively.

Hence, option D is the correct answer.

Learn more about 'engine oil' here:

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