You make me feel like a fool waiting for you

Posted By Admin @ September 03, 2022


You make me feel like a fool, waiting for you.. </3​


Huh? What.
I’m not really understanding.

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A simple lever is used to lift a heavy load

Answer: 260NExplanation:This question will be solved based on the assumption that efficiency is 100% ie 1Efficiency = work done by the machine(work output)/work done on …

A tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny

Answer:One common characteristic of all tyrants is that they always find a reason to continue ruling. Explanation:Tyrannies always find a reason for not giving the …

What industrial weakness signaled a declining economy in the 1920s

The declining economy of the 1920s was signaled by the fact that normally successful industries such as textiles, railroads, and the steel industry were struggling …

A covalent bond between two atoms of significantly different electronegativities

Answer: c. polar bondsExplanation:A polar covalent bond is defined as the bond which is formed when there is a difference of electronegativities between the atoms. …

Clue: inflammation of the mucous membrane lining of the cervix

Answer:EndocervicitisExplanation:Endocervicitis occurs when the neck and outlet of the cervix is inflammaed which is caused by a vaginal infection, gonorrhea, chlamydia, or genital herpes or …

Which of the following is the main benefit of ozone

Its B.becuase the radiation forms the ultra violet radiation and absobs it.

A store is offering a 25 discount on all items

Let x be the original price of an item. For the first case, the employee avails the 25% first then the 10%. Price: (0.75x)(0.90) = …

According to medieval catholic teachings what was the intermediate realm

Purgatory is the realm between heaven and hell in Catholic teaching during the medieval era. This realm is for souls who need to work off …

Which of the following is not a characteristic of money

Answer:This question is incomplete, here are the missing answers:a. medium of exchangeb. unit of accountc. backed by a precious metald. store of valueThe answer is …

Which of the following best describes the milky way galaxy

Answer:Option B, a spherical group of starsExplanation:Milky way galaxy is also known as spiral way galaxy. It contains a bar structure at its center just …

Two of theodore roosevelt's major successes in protecting consumers were

The correct answer is A) Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Food and Drug Act. The Meat Inspection Act was a federal law passed in …

Which of the following statements is true of rheumatoid arthritis

The statements concerning rheumatoid arthritis (RA) that is TRUE is: "Antibody complex accumulation causes joint inflammation and damage.""What is rheumatoid arthritis?Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic, …

The vibration of the ________ causes the ossicles to move.

The ossicle against it vibrates is called the Auditory Ossicle and this results in a vibration on the oval window. The vibrations cause then other …

Which two factors directly affect the price of a stock

The answer is "Investor demand for the Stock and Compound interest ".Stock markets can be unpredictable, and the reasons specific stocks rise and fall can …

How many cells are present at the end of mitosis

The answer is one cell.Mitosis is a cell division of a single cell into two identical daughter cells. So, at the beginning of mitosis, there …