When comparing voltaic and electrolytic cells oxidation occurs at the

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At which electrode does oxidation occur in a

voltaic cell and in an electrolytic cell?
(1) the anode in a voltaic cell and the cathode in
an electrolytic cell
(2) the cathode in a voltaic cell and the anode in
an electrolytic cell
(3) the anode in both a voltaic cell and an
electrolytic cell
(4) the cathode in both a voltaic cell and an
electrolytic cell


Answer : The correct option is, (3) the anode in both a voltaic cell and an  electrolytic cell.

Explanation :

As we know that there are two types of cell which are, electrolytic cell and voltaic cell.

Electrolytic cell : It is a cell in which the chemical reaction occurs by passing of the current from external source.

In this electrolytic cell, the oxidation occurs at anode which is a positive electrode and reduction occurs at cathode which is a negative electrode.

Voltaic cell : It is defined as a device which is used for the conversion of the chemical energy produces in a redox reaction into the electrical energy. It is also known as the galvanic cell or electrochemical cell.

In the voltaic cell, the oxidation occurs at an anode which is a negative electrode and the reduction occurs at the cathode which is a positive electrode.

Hence, the oxidation occur in a  voltaic cell and in an electrolytic cell at the anode in both a voltaic cell and an  electrolytic cell.

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