What is the main goal in creating the federal budget

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What is the main goal in creating the federal budget?

a.managing businesses and increasing spending on all programsb.deciding how to manage the government’s tax revenue and expendituresc.finding a way to allow the economy to run on its ownd.finding a way to slow down rapid economic growth


The main goal of the creation of the federal budget is to decide how to manage the government’s tax revenue and expenditures. Therefore, the correct answer is c.

The federal budget is made of the spending and revenues of the government. It is a detailed plan towards the annual public revenue and spending of the United States Federal government.

Further Explanation

The US federal governments used the federal budget to funds or finance its many expenses such as

  • Payment of the salaries of federal employees
  • Payment for the equipment of the military
  • Dispersing subsidies on agriculture

The fiscal year of the Federal government starts on October 1 and ends on September 30 of the following year.

The revenue for the federal government of the United States comes from tax revenues.

The tax revenues are those on the following:

  1. Family incomes
  2. Custom duties
  3. Tariff
  4. Business profits

Some of the activities that the government also imposed the use of taxes include

  • Cigarette smoking
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Gasoline

However, there US federal budget contains 2 kinds of spending, which are

  1. Mandatory spending
  2. Discretionary spending

Mandatory spending is federal government spending on particular programs that are mandated by law.

These programs include

  • Medicare
  • Social security
  • Medicaid

Mandatory spending is also called as entitlement spending.

Discretionary spending is spending that are approved by the passage of individual appropriation bills.



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