Which symptom is not consistent with cardiac related chest pain

Posted By Admin @ September 03, 2022


Which symptom is not consistent with cardiac-related chest pain?

A. Squeezing or heavy chest pain
B. Drooping face when smiling
C. Left or right arm pain
D. Jaw pain



B. Drooping face when smiling


Heart-related chest pain occurs in cases of a heart attack that occurs when the arteries supplying the heart suffer from a problem such as clogging and are prevented from bringing blood to the dying muscle. The most classic symptom? Overwhelming chest pain. Because of this pain, you feel a very strong pressure on the chest and it is common to feel the pain reflexes in the shoulders, arms, jaw and even the abdomen.

Based on this, we can state that "Drooping face when smiling" is not a felt symptom with heart-related chest pain.

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