Why is water not a limiting factor in the forest

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In a dense forest, trees compete with one another for space to grow and for sunlight. Although all trees need water, why is water not generally a limiting factor in the forest?


In a dense forest water not generally a limiting factor.

What is a limiting factor?

  • It is a factor that is not unlimited.
  • It affects the whole population.
  • "It can limit the growth of the population."
  • It can limit the growth, abundance or a process.

Why is water not a limiting factor?

  • It is because dense forest occur at places with abundant rainfall and resources.
  • The leaves of the trees can take up moisture from the atmosphere.
  • During high humidity they can absorb the condensed water.

What are the examples of limiting factors?

It can include temperature, light, water, food, space and mates.

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