How to check amazon gift card balance without redeeming 2021

Posted By Admin @ September 03, 2022


How to check amazon gift card balance without redeeming



Follow these steps to check your Amazon gift card balance without redeeming.

1. Locate the gift card's claim code. The claim code is on the back of the card (if it's a physical gift card) or on your email or paper receipt (if it's an electronic gift card). The claim code will be 14 to 15 digits long. If it's a physical gift card, you may need to scratch off the protective coating to find the claim code.

2. Sign in to your Amazon account. You can sign in through the website or the mobile app.

3. Search for the word 'help'. Click the search bar, type 'help', and press Enter or Return to search.

4. Click 'Help and customer service'. This option is located at the top of the screen.

5. Talk to a customer support agent.

Mobile app:

  • Scroll down and click 'Need More Help?'.
  • Click 'Contact Us'.
  • Click 'Something else'.
  • Click 'I need more help'.


  • Click 'Something else'.
  • Click 'I need more help'.

6. Type 'find the balance of a gift card without redeeming' into the message box. Send the message.

7. Request the balance of your Amazon gift card. Provide the claim code and request the balance. The support agent will check the gift card balance associated with the claim code and provide it to you without redeeming the card.

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