A flashbulb memory would typically be stored in ________ memory.

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A flashbulb memory would typically be a(n):

A) iconic
B) implicit
C) short-term
D) state-dependent
E) long-term
When 80-year-old Ida looked at one of her old wedding pictures, she was flooded with vivid memories of her parents, her husband, and the early years of her marriage. The picture served as a powerful:
A) memory trace
B) implicit memory
C) serial position effect
D) retrieval cue


A flashbulb memory would typically be a Long term memory.

The picture served as a powerful retrieval cue

The sensory memory gives people ability to recall great information about a complex stimulus immediately after its presentation. The different types of sensory memory are iconic memory, echoic memory, and haptic memory.

A flashbulb memory is a highly detailed and a type of autobiographical memory.

Conclusively, we can therefore say that option E and option d are the best answer that explains what the statement above is all about.

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