This famous photograph taken by the voyager spacecraft shows _________.

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This famous photograph taken by the voyager spacecraft shows _________.


Can you post the picture

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The mixture of cashew and peanut is an illustration of a linear equation. The pounds of cashew that would ensure no change in the profit …

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I believe that one reason Dante most likely wrote the Inferno was to warn sinners about the afterlife.He wanted to show them what may await …

Points d e and f are not in a line

Answer:O is the center of the CircleStep-by-step explanation:Please see that , in order to draw a circumcircle we have to first draw the perpendicular bisectors …

A microbiologist inoculates a growth medium with 100 bacterial cells/ml

Answer:Option DExplanation:Given - The lag phase is zero. Generation time is the time required to double the population of bacteria. This means that after every …

A transition is the same thing as a topic sentence

No transitions are there to help switch topics.Topic sentences let you learn what your topic is

Which of the following is not recycled in the biosphere

Answer:A. energy is not recycle in the biosphere.Explanation:

Amanda wants to start a business to sell handmade jewelry

Answer:C. Gwyn, who has business experience with accounting, management, and marketingExplanation: Starting a new business requires certain competence which includes the competent knowledge of the …

Africa's increasing problem of deforestation could most likely result in

Hey There!Here is your answer:The answer is option D "a decrease in the usability of soil for agriculture".Reason:Deforestation is when people use machinery to take …

An airline with two types of airplanes p1 and p2

The relationship between airplane 1 and airplane 2 is an illustration of objective function14 of airplane 1 and 7 of airplane 2 should be used …

The direction of synthesis of an rna transcript is _____.

The correct answer is 3'–5'; 5'–3.During trancription (process of formation of the mRNA from the DNA), the template strand or the non coding strand, which …

The function of thick mucus in the stomach is to

Answer:protect stomach cells from acid and enzymes.Explanation:This prevents peptic ulcers.

Why did a philip randolph plan a march on washington

Asa Philip Randolph was a trade unionist of the Labor Movement and the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.In 1941 he proposed a march …

What happens to the mrna in protein production is complete

It ends up creating a synthesis is accomplished through a process called translation

According to the text the basis for physical fitness is

the basis for physical fitness is good eating habits. what we eat has a lot of effect in our body. eating unhealthy foods may limit …

Which action occurs at an electrode of a galvanic cell

Electron transfer occurs at an electrode of a galvanic cellA Galvanic cell converts chemical energy into electrical energy.There are two electrodes in a galvanic cell …