Budgets are used for two distinct purposes: ______ and ______.

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Budgets are used for two distinct purposes: ______ and ______. The first of these purposes relates to developing goals and preparing various budgets, while the second involves comparing actual results to the budget. leading; controlling planning; controlling directing; leading directing; planning



Planning and controlling


Stage 1

The reason is that the primary purpose of the budgeting is to plan to allocate the resources as efficiently as possible to each of the department of the organization. This is the first stage where the company sets standards for each of the department operations. When the budget is handed over with the approval letter, the lower management tries to restrict its resource to the set limit because they will be awarded for doing so.

Stage 2

At the end of every week, month and year, the middle management reviews the progress and continuously monitors the operations of the organization. This enables the organization to find what are the reasons for the changes and unableness of achieving the set target. This results in controlling the wastage of resources and bring efficiency through control emphasized.

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