Cualquier cosa / quejarse / josé y yo / por

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Cualquier cosa / quejarse / josé y yo / por cualquier cosa en / ellos / los detalles / de las / fijarse / películas ¿ / qué / vestido / yo / ponerse / ?


Answer: Hi, you have not provided the actual question. However, since these are examples of verbs in Spanish that require the use of reflexive pronouns, I will conjugate them and form sentences with them.

These are the right answers:

José y yo nos quejamos por cualquier cosa.

Ellos se fijan en los detalles de las películas.

¿Qué vestido me pongo?

Explanation: Just to elaborate further on the question, it can also be added that in this exercise you can form complete sentences by using the respective groups of words that they have provided to you. The three groups of words include verbs in Spanish that require the use of a reflexive pronoun (me, se, nos). These are called "verbos reflexivos" or "pronominales" in Spanish, and they are used when a person performs a certain action to or for himself or herself.

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