What did the philosophers of the enlightenment seek to understand

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What did the philosophers of the enlightenment seek to understand?


The philosophers of the enlightenment seek to understand the natural rights governing human behavior and society

Further explanation

The Enlightenment is an intellectual movement centered in Europe that took place throughout the 18th century.  The Enlightenment emphasized reason, humanism, skepticism, religious tolerance, and civil rights.

Few were primarily philosophers; rather, philosophes were public intellectuals who applied reason to the study of many areas of learning, including philosophy, history, science, politics, economics, and social issues. The Enlightenment also included a range of ideas centered on reason as the primary source of knowledge and advanced ideals such as liberty, progress, toleration, fraternity, constitutional government and separation of church and state.

At the heart of the Enlightenment is scientific rationalism and the questioning traditional authority. The core ideas associated with the Enlightenment Age include reason, knowledge, and freedom. This adhering to Enlightenment philosophies and ideal.

Philosophers of Enlightenment” (POE) were trying to understand their own true nature. The philosophers of the enlightenment seek to understand the natural rights governing human behavior and society, but enlightenment is clarity and informations are obstruction in clarity.

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