The __________ causes the stage to move upward or downward.

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1. Increases or decreases the light intensity:________.2. Platform that supports a microscope slide:________.3. Concentrates light onto the specimen:_______.4. Causes stage (or objective lens) to move upward or downward:________.5. After light passes through the specimen, it next enters this lens system:________.6. Holds a microscope slide in position:________.7. Contains a lens at the top of the body tube:________.8. Serves as a handle for carrying the microscope:________.9. Part to which the objective lenses are attached:________.10. Circular area seen through the eyepiece:_________.


Answer: Definition of the body parts of a Microscope.


1. Increases or decreases the light intensity: Iris diaphragm

2. Platform that supports a microscope slide: Mechanical stage

3. Concentrates light onto the specimen: Condenser

4. Causes stage (or objective lens) to move upward or downward: Nose piece

5. After light passes through the specimen, it next enters this lens system: Condenser

6. Holds a microscope slide in position:

Mechanical stage

7. Contains a lens at the top of the body tube: Diopter Adjustment

8. Serves as a handle for carrying the microscope: Frame or Arm

9. Part to which the objective lenses are attached: Nose piece

10. Circular area seen through the eyepiece: Occular lens

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