What can a person do to limit exposure to x-rays

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What can a person do to limit exposure to X-rays?

wear sunblock
avoid cigarette smoke
wear a protective vest avoid chemicals


X-rays are a form of indirectly ionizing radiation, and it can be really nocive to the humans health, so limiting the exposure is always a priority.

Here the correct option is wearing a protective vest.


X-rays are a form of radiation that is indirectly ionizing. Remember that ionization is what causes damage to our cells, so is better to avoid exposures to these types of radiation.

Now, X-rays are strong enough that they can penetrate a lot of common materials (like wood, plastic, etc.) And once it enters in your body, the chain of reactions that starts can't be stoped by external means.

So what you need to do is limit the exposure as much as you can. Ideally, you shouldn't be near a source of X-rays, but if there is no other option, you should use protection against radiation.

It comes in different forms depending on what the application is, for example, there are led screens that you can use to put between you and the source, and these will reduce drastically the fluence (flux of photons) that gets to you.

Similarly, there are protective vests also made in part of led or other high atomic number materials, that absorb the photons and protect you.

So here the correct option is to wear a protective vest, from the given options, is the only one that will protect you from the X-rays.

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