Explain how stem cell therapy helped lucy break down deoxyadenosine.

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Explain how stem cell therapy helped Lucy break down deoxyadenosine.


Stem cell therapy can help to produce a defective protein and thereby it may help Lucy to metabolize deoxyadenosine normally.

  • Stem cell therapy is a type of regenerative therapy by which stem cells are used to repair dysfunctional or injured tissues/cells.

  • This type of therapy can be used to produce a defective protein (e.g. an enzyme or a structural protein) and thus restore a normal phenotype.

  • For example, stem cell therapy can be used to fight off an extra stop enzyme in order to produce more proteins and thus break down normally a specific substrate (in this case, deoxyadenosine).

In conclusion, stem cell therapy can help to produce a defective protein and thereby it may help Lucy to metabolize deoxyadenosine normally.

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