Potential gdp in the u.s. will be unaffected by ____________________.

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Potential gdp in the u.s. will be unaffected by ____________________.

a. stechnology
b. the amount of capital available
c. the unemployment rate
d. government institutions


The potential GDP in the US will be unaffected by technology.

Price level does not affect the quantity of real GDP supplied. Higher the price level, the greater the amount of real GDP supplied. Quantity of potential GDP increases when the price level rises.

Potential GDP relies upon on the scale of the hard work force and the pace of productivity growth (output according to an hour of labor), which itself is depending on the amount of capital funding.

Potential GDP can also fall throughout a deep, extended recession insofar as part of the capital stock turns into unusable (as an example, surplus creation cranes after a actual property bubble has burst) or when some long-time period unemployed depart the body of workers completely.

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