De jure segregation differs from de facto segregation because it

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4. The difference between de facto segregation and de jure segregation is which of the following?

A De facto segregation comes about as a result of racial differences de jure segregation comes about as a result of cultural differences.
B De facto segregation and de jure segregation are basically the same thing: Both are segregations imposed by law.
C De facto segregation is not mandated by law; de jure segregation is mandated by law.
D De facto segregation is mandated by law de jure segregation is not mandated by law.



C De facto segregation is not mandated by law; de jure segregation is mandated by law.


De jure segregation is the one in which is mandated by the law. Examples of those are the Jim Crow laws and the Apartheid.

De facto segregation, otherwise, is not lawful, it just happens as a result of different things, like conservadorism, etc. One example of this are the segregated schools in the South in the past century.

The correct answer is letter C.

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