________ are the most commonly used species for animal research.

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________ are the most commonly used species for animal research. psychology


Mice are the most commonly used species for animal research.

Mice is the most common but other animals are used just like the following (by order): rats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, farm animals ( pigs and sheep), dogs,  monkeys, chimpanzees and cats.

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All of the following are objectives of internal control except

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Proteins are absorbed faster than fats in the digestive system

Proteins ARE absorbed faster than fats. So True

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Form a polynomial whose real zeros and degree are given.

If a polynomial P(x) has a zero equal to a, then (x-a) is a factor of this polynomial. So if a polynomial has zeros a, …

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What does the codon sequence on the mrna strand determine

C is the correct byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeee