A policy of adhesion can only be modified by whom

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A policy of adhesion can only be modified by whom?​


The insurance company

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An example of a snack low in energy density is

An example of a snack low in energy density is - an appleFresh fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. fruits are helpful to lose …

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Answer:The part of the digestive tract that contains villi is the small intestine.

How did spain benefit from the 1494 treaty of tordesillas

The correct answer is B) the treaty split the Americas equally between Spain and Portugal. Spain benefited from the 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas in that …

What is the rising action of the most dangerous game

Answer:the exposition includes an introduction of Rainsford and the discussion on animals' feelings, the rising action includes the introduction of Zaroff and his hunt of …

Who benefited the most from irrigation farmers or hunter-gatherers explain

The farmers would benefit the most. This is because they need the water to grow their crops. Though the others would benefit the farmer would …

What is the difference between a niche and a habitat

Answer:In simple sentence , we can say,in a environment habitat is the locality and niche is the complete address.Explanation:Differences-HABITAT is the natural environment where a …

What is the study of the origin of language called

Answer:EtymologyExplanation:The study of the origin of language called Etymology. A linguist studies language, and linguists study, not only the language, but also where that language …

What is the difference between gross and net pay everfi

Employees can earn growth compensation before taxes, benefits, and other payroll deductions are deducted from their salary. Net pay, often known as take-home pay, is …

How many electrons can occupy the shell having n 4

Answer: The number of electrons in n = 4 energy level will be 32.Explanation:The total number of electrons that are contained in any energy level …

A bullet is accelerated down the barrel of a gun

Answer:The average force exerted on the bullet are of F=9000 Newtons.Explanation:t= 2*10⁻³ sm= 0.03 kgV= 600 m/sF*t= m*VF= (m*V)/tF= 9000 N

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If these are you choices: (1) Both the solid and the liquid are good conductors.(2) Both the solid and the liquid are poor conductors.(3) The …

The real interest rate adjusts the nominal interest rate for

The real interest rate adjusts the nominal interest rate for inflation. Price increases, or inflation, can be thought of as the gradual loss of purchasing …

Suppose that you purchased a call option on the s

Answer:Suppose that you purchased a conventional call option on growth in Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) with an exercise price of 210,500 jobs. The NFP conventional contract …

The amount still owed on a loan is called what

Answer:Unpaid BalanceStep-by-step explanation:A P E X

You should select your mechanic before you experience vehicle failure

In any case, it's good to have a mechanic, before or after the malfunction. A mechanic occasionally inspects a vehicle when you have a suspicion …